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Experts in all phases of exterior building restoration since 1915.

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Preserving and protecting.

Masonry Restoration

The materials that give masonry structures their character and beauty are vulnerable to age, moisture, pollutants, building movement, and deferred maintenance.

Parking garages, buildings, balconies, and plaza decks.

Concrete Restoration

Concrete is economical and durable — the backbone of modern construction. But time, water, and weather take their toll and diminish its strength.

The repairs to the architectural fenestrations at the top of the building, the facade renovation, waterproofing our building and then tackling the north wall following demolition of the abutting structure all resulted in a very fresh and weathertight 90-year-old structure.”

Charles Lusk, The Lancaster Hotel

Keep water out.

Remedial Waterproofing

Water intrusion is more than an inconvenience for property owners and tenants. Left unchecked, it can damage structural elements and shorten the useful life of buildings, parking garages, and plaza decks.

Maximize your roofing ROI.

Roofing Services

Property portfolios have no special section for roof return on investment. But perhaps they should —  because dollars invested in selecting and maintaining a superior roofing system can pay significant dividends.