Western Specialty Contractors
Chicago Concrete Restoration Branch

The Chicago area office, formerly known as Harry S. Peterson Company, has served customers throughout Northern Illinois as a member of Western Specialty Contractors since 1995.

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Commercial Specialty Services Include:

Acid and Chemical Resistant Flooring
Barrier Cable Repair
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Caulking and Sealants
Chemical Grout Injection
Composite Strengthening
Concrete Restoration
Deck Coatings & Sealers
Elastomeric Traffic Deck
Epoxy & Chemical Grout Injection
Epoxy/Polymer/Cementitious Overlays
Expansion Joint Systems
Parking Deck Restoration
Plaza Deck Restoration
Post Tension Repairs
Slab/Vertical & Overhead Concrete Repairs
Stadium Restoration

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? With over 30 branches across the country and the expertise that comes with 100 years in the business, Western Specialty Contractors can accommodate just about any restoration and preservation project.

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Western Specialty Contractors
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