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A Message From The President

Hi, this is Jeff Kelley the President of Western Specialty Contractors. I started with Western right out of college and have made my career here for the past 32 years. There are several reasons why I have made Western my home, and I would like to share a few with you.

1. Culture – Western provides a unique atmosphere and culture where you are part of a family-owned business, as well as a very large corporation. You get the benefit of being a part of 100 years of tradition with a successful business that understands and supports the importance of its people. Western spends a tremendous amount of time and energy recognizing that the past, the present and the future success of the company comes from hiring, training and retaining quality people.

2. Managing a Business – Western also gives you an opportunity to learn how to manage a business from the bottom up. Being a specialty contractor and having the financial resources of a large company allows you to experience all facets of our business from Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Estimating, Project Management and Customer Relationships. From there, you can grow into senior level management and leadership opportunities that help support large-scale strategic vision and planning.

3. Opportunity – Being in Specialty Restoration General Contracting is unique and provides many diverse opportunities. Every structure that man makes is an opportunity for our company; therefore the job is very exciting. If you like variety and change, it’s a great place to work. I tell people all the time the nice thing about our business is during any economic condition, people may not be building new, but they have to maintain what they own. So what does that mean for us? Anything you see out your window on your way to work is an opportunity, so the growth potential within our industry and our company is fantastic. We currently have over 30 offices nationally and could conceivably have an office in every major metropolitan city. There’s a constant demand for our services, so there is always an opportunity for growth of our company and for the new people who want to get into the construction industry.

4. Customer Relationships – Another area that is very appealing about Western and our culture is the awareness of the need for relationships with our customers. We spend a tremendous amount of time finding, developing and maintaining a very strong and loyal customer base.

5. People – People are our most important asset. We provide a robust training and career path program that allows us to make the majority of our promotions from within. Each employee has a defined program and a career path and timeline to ensure they reach their goals. Western is a great place to work, and those are the reasons it has been the only job I have had out of college. I have worked in every position from a trainee to COO to my current position as President. I encourage all of you to come and see who we are and what we are about. The construction industry, as well as Specialty Contracting, provides a great career opportunity, and we will provide excellent training to make sure you become a valued employee in our business and industry.